Yoga Classes

General Classes

Suitable for the absolute beginner to those with experience. Yoga classes integrate the tools of posture, breathing and reflection to help strengthen, stabilise and clarify the body, breath and mind. Students are guided according to their capability. Classes include classical yoga postures (asena) gentle limbering exercises, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and relaxation techniques.

Private One on One Tuition
Private sessions for personalised home practice that is designed specifically for your capabilities and needs
Children’s & Teenage Classes

These classes are individualised to children’s specific age groups and cover:

  • yoga postures and stretches to strengthen and stretch the body and aid
  • balance and coordination
  • songs and games to encourage children to use their imagination
  • relaxation and mini-meditation techniques to create balance and calm
  • breathing exercises and much more….
Pregnancy Classes

Pre-natal yoga postures & stretches
The focus is on creating an individualised approach to yoga poses, breathing and meditation. Relaxation techniques – to centre the mind and body, and bring your whole being into balance. Mother/baby visualisation – to connect with your growing baby inside your womb.

  • Discussions handouts and support
Post-Natal with Babies

A gentle class to help guide your body back from pregnancy and labour. The classes create a nurturing and supporting environment for both mother and baby (this class is subject to numbers).